Inuit Types – Boost your Creativity

Built on the original theme concept, Inuit Types evolves into a powerful tool that can reawaken passion, aliveness, and your creativity. Theme options provide a means of tools to modify colors, layout and even typography. Theme looks amazing by default, but with your creativity involved it has potential to become a simple personal blog or an advanced corporate site.

Why Inuit Types?

This theme comes out of the box, so you may publish your shiny new look in the matter of minutes. If you are aiming for top quality and best SEO available you’re at the right place.

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Theme Features

Comment Rating

This theme includes simple, yet advanced ajax comment rating system. Logged in users have option to rate your comments with thumbs up/down approach.

Looped Post Slider

Integrated jQuery slider for Sticky posts with number of options to set up your slider: auto slide, auto height, optional fixed height etc.

Total Design Control

You’re able to design your site just as you want – all from the neat theme options panel. Control all colors, images and even typography with just one click.

Enkelt Design Control from Željan Topić on Vimeo.

Total  Layout Control

You have an option to arrange your layout modules the way you like and to exclude unimportant module blocks that don’t fit your needs.

AJAX Login Form

Fully customized Ajax login form, displayed in any navigation section. Translate it, add your own image in form header and redirect users to site of your choice.

Total Branding Control

If your purchase Agency theme package, you have option to totally control the theme branding: add your logo into footer, control back-end branding and even rename the theme if you like.

Integrated PrettyPhoto light-box script

All images and Flash videos pop out in a beautiful light-box window. To configure this option, just enable PrettPhoto script, everything else is handled automatically.


  1. says

    I’m a big fan of Inuit – a lot of my blogging colleagues have also expressed admiration for the design.

    But I am afraid that the free, new version looks far too scrappy compared to the last version. Compare:

    Old Version:

    New Version:

    I’d love to be able to pay for more options, but am out of work at the moment. Any chance you might make a few more of the design options work in the free version?

    • says

      Thank you for submiting your concerns, … actually I found a bug based on your site demo, which is now fixed (just some spacing issues, when sidebar is aligned to the left). Tommorow, a 30% discount on all themes will be available if you use coupon code NOAPRILFOOL, so I’d like to invite you to join our bizzthemes community.

      Unfortunately, no design options will be added to free version, but if you like, you may fully resemble your old design by addiing styling options through custom.css file manually (a bit more advanced, but still a cool stuff).

  2. says

    Thanks for the response, Željan. Glad to hear this was helpful. Sadly, my webdesign budget remains 0 at this point. Hopefully, I’ll have opportunities in the future to correct that – I’m a big fan of your aesthetic.

    I am not afraid of playing with the CSS to reassemble the old look, but might have difficulty when it comes to:

    (a) replacing the sliding featured box (new) with stacked featured boxes (old). Call me old-fashioned, but I like the stacked look.

    (b) the header menu – I much prefer the old full-screen layout.

    Best wishes, anyway.

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