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Not only is mobile traffic growing each year, but the pace is accelerating, so better be ready and embrace your customers browsing habits. Instead of sizing down desktop-developed site, our approach is to focus on mobile devices first and scale up the design.

Decisions, not Options

Truckload of options are gone and every option is carefully thought out. All theme options rest inside individual pages and Theme Customizer, where you can manipulate all the options live on your website. Editing your website has never been easier and more intuitive.


Menu Extras

It is now really simple to create mobile menus and add extras to it, like search form or your Twitter profile link.

Custom Widgets

We have developed a few custom widgets for you to use on any area of your site: Featured Page and Page List.

Site Layouts

You are no longer limited to one layout for your entire site! You can now switch layouts for each page.

Content Archives

We have now made it extremely easy to change archive content length, featured images and archive navigation.

//* Child theme (do not remove)
define( 'CHILD_THEME_NAME', __( 'Child Theme', 'childtheme' ) );
define( 'CHILD_THEME_URL', 'http://child-theme.com/' );
define( 'CHILD_THEME_VERSION', '1.0.0' );

//* Unregister layout settings
bizznis_unregister_layout( 'content-sidebar-sidebar' );
bizznis_unregister_layout( 'sidebar-content-sidebar' );
bizznis_unregister_layout( 'sidebar-sidebar-content' );

//* Unregister secondary sidebar
unregister_sidebar( 'sidebar-alt' );

//* Add support for footer widgets
add_theme_support( 'bizznis-footer-widgets', 4 );

Developer Theme

You can control everything from one file in Bizznis child theme. Seriously. All theme functions are hooked and filtered, so there is nothing you can’t change. This is the developer theme you were looking for.

Child-theme ready

Why use a child theme?


Do all customization in form of a child theme and never modify Bizznis code itself. It has actually been built for child themes and is not recommended as as a standalone theme.

How do I get Bizznis?

Fork Bizznis on GitHub

Get involved by giving feedback, contributing your code and introducing new features.

Fork on Github