Innovative Featured posts panel
As online news media gets ever more engaging, we restructured the whole content display concept and pushed forward photos that will appeal fast-reading visitors.

Ajax paging
To make browsing experience even better, all content widgets have support for ajax paging. Users won’t need to reload the whole site just to see what other page is hiding.

Advanced slider
If you want to load some pages, posts, images or even videos, we bundled together a neat slider widget that has more options you can use. We integrated slides script,  that makes sliding experience fun again.

Custom typography
Edit all fonts just the way you want it and use the power of integrated Google Fonts with just a few clicks.

Advanced Design control
All our themes use simple and powerful design controller, but this one has taken a step further, so you now have support for all custom fonts, backgrounds, borders and colors, wherever you like.

Extremely Fast
Theme is very fast as there is no unused code and queries from database are cached. Your site will never load html elements you don’t have control of and will execute most of the JavaScript inside footer.

Custom widgets
Even though all existing WordPress widgets are compatible with Layout engine, we integrated more than 20 advanced widgets that are reusable and more than enough to build anything you need on a website.

Other important features

  • Automatic framework updater
  • Unlimited number of layouts
  • Direct access to layout control of every page
  • Load defaults and start in 30 seconds