WordPress Restaurant Theme!

Ideal for pizzeria and pub, taverns of all sizes!

Restaurant Gallery

Taverna is a modern WordPress restaurant theme. It is aimed at pubs, local coffee shops, pizzeria’s and of course taverns of all sizes. We also encourage you to also use it for Mexican and all other restaurants. It is very versatile and requires practically no effort for setting it up. If you want to upgrade your site design and increase your search engine rankings this is the perfect theme for you. It also has integrated restaurant menus that are really easy to set up. You can show up your customer feedback and even use online ordering in case you deliver the food to your local customers.
WordPress Restaurant Theme

Restaurant Menu

2015 Restaurant websites shouldn’t suck as they need a proper menu to list their meals and beverages. Adding each menu item should also be a breeze, so we integrated the best possible restaurant menu solution into Taverna theme. You can even add many food menu items at once and easily control menu sections. If you want to highlight some ingredients or describe the taste, there are menu labels as well. Let the customer know when the meal is spicy before it burns.

Take Online Orders.

Theme is perfectly integrated with WooCommerce to support online ordering out of the box. All you need to do is to activate the plugin, add some items that are available to order and you are ready to deliver. WooCommerce itself is already fully capable of powering online deliveries for restaurants, no additional extensions needed. Plugin is free, powerful and easy to set up. This is the only WordPress restaurant theme you will need.

WooCommerce online order
Taverna parallax effect

Parallax Scrolling

Online design trend (parallax scrolling), popularized by Apple has become standard with modern websites – restaurant sites are no exception. Online users love flat design, but also want to experience the content in dept, so reading and browsing it is more enjoyable. With big and “live” background images, you don’t need much text to say a lot about the page as picture says 1000 words. Out with the boring white space background and in with big, beautiful pictures of your beloved restaurant or pub.


The best form of advertising is when your customers recommend you to others. This is most obvious in hospitality and catering, so why wouldn’t you display praise from them on your website? We integrated the testimonial section so you can share the feedback from your customers. Let the others know you before they even enter into your tavern. Don’t boast yourself and let the others share their own experience of your food and service.

Feedback from customers
Table booking

Reservation and Contact forms

Theme integrates a module for adding contact forms, so adding a reservation form is easier than ever. You can add a contact form to any post or page and even widgets if you want. You can also share a phone number and email, but online forms are a must for any website. A contact form is a great way to offer your readers the ability to get in touch. We made an extra effort to make your life easier in this regard.

Mobile Navigation

Taverna has the best mobile navigation solution possible. It is always there where you need it and hidden when you don’t. It is displayed across the whole view-port, so when you are searching through site pages, nothing distracts you. Menu text on mobile navigation is large and easy to touch. You can have as many menu sub-levels as you like.

Mobile navigation
Tiled gallery

Tiled Galleries

WordPress gallery is pretty sleek on its own, but why not make it better. We integrated tiled gallery module that not only makes your restaurant galleries look better, but also makes them more functional. You can allow users to comment on your food and service. Sharing pictures from your events becomes even more personal. Gallery pictures can be displayed in three forms: Tiles, Squares and Circles. Read more about tiled galleries here.