WordPress 3.1 Changes Everything for Us

I can’t recall, when I was so excited about new WordPress release, like I am for 3.1 branch. It basically changes everything for us, with two simple features: custom post type archives and post formats. With these two new features, our new layout engine will become as flexible as a separate CMS. For instance, you won’t need to create portfolio galleries, blog index, FAQs etc. inside pages anymore – all will become available by default. You also won’t need to mark specific posts as featured with categories, instead you’ll have post formats for this purpose.

Custom Post Type Archives

This feature really kicks ass and I’m not sure why this wasn’t implemented before. When you create portfolio as custom post type, you probably want to have index of them as well. So far, you needed to create new templates and hooks to achieve that, but from 3.1 on, you’ll have full control over your post archives and will be able to define your permalink structure correctly: portfolio/portfolio_item and portfolio/ will include index of all items.

Post Formats

This feature is very powerful and allows you to denote a post as a certain format. Some example formats are aside, gallery, link, quote. This will allow themes to style these posts according to format. I also see a great potential for theme developers as we’ll be able to create dummy posts for instance, which will be easy to manage from users point of view – now, if you import dummy posts for your theme, the only way to delete them or even apart them from your regular content is to review each one separately.

All new features for 3.1 release:

For more information, visit WordPress 3.1 relase page.


  1. michael stephenson says

    Thanks for giving us an in-depth, to-the-point overview of the new update. It is so refreshing to know this info comes from a very credible source.


  2. says

    It is good to see wordpress continuing to move in the direction of a CMS. Personally I am excited about the better handling of MU, as blog hosting via MU allows for some great site projects.

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