Theme Framework gets Updated

It’s been quite some time since our own framework got major improvements, so we’ve decided to introduce them with the release of new versions of WordPress, 3.3 Sunny. New theme framework is also backward compatible with older versions of WordPress, but we strongly suggest you to update your theme to the latest version, 7.6.7+.

Our themes have had over 150,000 downloads since we started releasing them, and in this major iteration we’ve added significant improvements around the new user experience, uploading, meta boxes API, SEO options and external script updates. More about each new improvement below:

New Custom Metaboxes API

This API will create meta-boxes with custom fields that will blow your mind. We ditched our old script and integrated well-developed and proven meta-boxes plugin that allows you to add any custom field type you like.

Tutorials (add and edit code inside custom_functions.php theme file Editor):

  1. Basic Usage
  2. Field Types
  3. Display Options
  4. Adding your own field types
  5. Adding your own show_on filters

Theme Admin Panel Design

Since our theme options panel is quite complicated for novice WordPress users, we decided to simplify the design and ditch some rarely used options. We have put the template Builder on top, since it’s the most used feature for most users and have hidden Licenses control, Backup options and Update notifications.

Better SEO Options

Even though our SEO has always been the best possible, we understand some users want to use external SEO plug-ins as well. This is why we updated the code to work well with the most popular WordPress SEO plugin and gave you the option to disable bizz SEO altogether if you want to use another plugin instead.

List of all the updates:

  • [fix] updated TimThumb to 2.8.5
  • [fix] title_before and title_after for Links widget
  • [fix] “date_time” metabox works for the time field
  • [fix] adding all widgets into Site-wide section.
  • [fix] further WordPress 3.3 compatibility
  • [improved] contextual help
  • [improved] updated jQuery to 1.7.1
  • [improved] updated jQuery UI to 1.8.16
  • [improved] updated Widgets JS
  • [improved] redesigned and fully updated meta boxes API
  • [improved] restructured most global variables
  • [improved] added missing ‘sidebar_admin_setup’ action
  • [improved] default WP Inactive Widgets
  • [fix] widgets, moved from inactive section now under correct condition
  • [improved] option to remove default Bizz SEO
  • [improved] removed widget backups (WP 3.3 has this built-in)
  • [improved] cached all default widgets
  • [improved] should load much faster
  • [improved] compressed theme menu labels
  • [fix] options panel padding and margin
  • [feature] added WP 3.3 feature pointers after theme activation
  • [improved] compressed all frame images

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